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Specialized in private transportation

Take adventage of the most pro transportation in Budapest! The Point Shuttle is your easy, safe and reliable accomodation-to-experience shuttle and the ideal choice for business travelers, vacationers and students, too. Choose an experience & book it, give your actual address then we will pick you up right there and take you to your chosen experience. Use a transportation at a price that won’t break your budget!

Travelling comfortable from an experience to another!
Motto: The Point Shuttle Budapest

Budapest is full of great experiences. The only thing that can stop you to enjoy them is: TIME!

Today, people are suffering from constant lack of time and keep complaining about how hard is to organise their schedule. On busy weekdays we feel, that our task list is killig us before we kill them. You have been there before, right? When finally you are free and ready to explore a city like Budapest, you would like to visit as many places as possible and enjoy every second of your stay. 

Budapest is one of the most visited places of Europe, millions of tourists are admiring how this beautiful city is occupying both banks of the River Danube. The Hungarian capital is full of experiences and must see attractions, so as many world heritage sites.

However, as in a metropolis, large distances are quite typical. From one experience to an other, from the airport to your accommodation, from your hotel to a chosen place it can take too long to arrive. Not to mention, that this can be quite difficult to understand how the public transportation is operating in a foreign city. But, you don’t have to worry about them at all!

Point Shuttle transfer is a twenty-four sevice, available at any time. They are providing you service from the moment your fight is landed until the very end of your visit. The Car Fleet of the 8 seater Reanault Trafic vehicles offers you comfortable and air-conditioned travelling for 24 hours. Our chauffeurs speak English with a high level and can tell you exciting stories about the rich history of Budapest.  

Choose all the programs that you would enjoy and gain as many experiences as possible. Do what you like and in return we won’t let distance stand in your way.

Enjoy the services of Point Shuttle:
and let travelling to be a fun part of your stay!